Public Bike Share

Public Bike Share

We believe that a healthy and efficient bike share system exists as a result of collaborative efforts and requires regulation to maintain a balance in the environment it is used in.

Public bike share is becoming a global topic and we don’t believe that a single pre designed system can provide the right solutions to all of the different challenges that can surface. We will need to collaborate with local operators, urban planners and government departments who know the surrounding area and unique culture of each specific location to create a bike share system that has a positive impact on that space and its inhabitants.

How does it work?

In what way do we want to use the public space? Suggested read : Free Floating, Docking or Hybrid

  1. To maintain the status of a healthy system we first need to define when a bike share system will start to impact your immediate environment. For example:

    • Do we want bike racks to encourage more systematic parking behaviour?
    • How many bikes per rack before an operator has to relocate?
    • Do we want information displays at stations or other hotspots?
    • Do we want different bikes located in different areas depending on the local terrain and availability of cycling infrastructure?

    These decisions are made by the local government department in collaboration with an urban planning agency and will form the basic rules of the geofence system. These rules can be created, edited and deleted through the geofence dashboard that will be operated by the designated local manager.

    Suggested read: Geofencing: How does it work and what are the applications?

  2. Now that we have defined the way we want to operate our bike share system the platform is open to the operators who will get your wheels up and rolling. The best way to do this would be through public tenders. All of the operators get their own operator-dashboard in which they can communicate with each other and with the local government department. This dashboard also displays the internal notifications that are automated by geofence triggers. Each operator can be connected to the main platform and obtain their own operator dashboard by integrating their smart-locks and app to the X-bike platform.

    Suggested page: A list of already integrated smart-locks
    Suggested page: API/SDK integration

We are always excited to be challenged by new mobility issues so please let us know about yours!


Software (Operator Dashboard, Government Dashboard, User App)
Software (Operator Dashboard, Government Dashboard, User App) + Smart Locks
Software (Operator Dashboard, Government Dashboard, User App) + Smart Locks + Bikes


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