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Brit./ baɪk.və.taɪ.zɪŋ

Noun and adjective: The process of bringing attention to specific products or services by using a well-designed billboard bike as a mobile advertising platform that can be moved around by brand ambassadors or potential customers.

Since the beginning of our business journey we have found common ground between mobility and advertising. Mobility becomes cheaper for the user as a result of the advertising income and in turn the advertising becomes more valuable because of the possibilities that mobility provides. Bikes in general have a green, healthy and friendly image that creates a positive way for brands and companies to communicate with the outside world. A company can sponsor a smart bike scheme and interact with its users as a result. It’s a great opportunity to actively contribute to the community and raise visibility at the same time.


Bikevertising is taking data driven marketing to a new level. Alongside measuring the campaign impact and reach, we can also gather specific bike location and journey behaviour data. Therefore we can always ensure that we allocate the bikes that will be most valuable for a specific campaign.

The power of bikevertising is its ability to adapt for any brand. Whether it’s a product in stores, an online website or a nationwide service, we can implement the bikes that are most suitable for the target campaign. Through the use of several mobile apps in combination with bikes we can target some users as potential buyers and selected others as informed brand ambassadors.


At this point we self operate two kinds of bikevertising fleets. Student-Bike (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht) and Hello-Bike (Amsterdam CBD). Respectively covering urban and business visibility. Read all about Student-Bike, Hello-Bike and MyHotelBike in our other blogs. We are a young company with high ambitions. If you want to join our endeavour please contact us on Visit for more information about our services and expansion plans.

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